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This sunshade cover protects you from the
blazing sun so it is comfortable for summer
sports and outdoor life.
It consists of newly developed and highly absorbable
fibers. Its evaporation heat makes you feel cool.
The sunshade cover is perfectly fitted for the cap
even if you move fast.

This is covered on the cap.The rear head is made cool.
The cap is firmly fixed on the head. This cover is
invented for the sports under the blazing sun.
COOLBIT GS is put on the cap and adopts a new method
that the cap is fixed on the head by the upper-front
through the rear headband of the cap.
(The cap is excluded from the price of the product.)
Product features:
This product makes you cool and happy in
summer outdoors and good for heavy sports
because of the combination with the band to fix
the cap on the head.
Highly absorbable fiber is attached in the rear
head portion of the sunshade cover and the
cap band and they are soaked into the water.
Put this product on after it is lightly squeezed.
This is washable and can be reused many

Idea Point
This is cool due to the absorption of over 10 times water.
The photo of the vertical section that highly absorbable
fiber is attached in the back when it absorbs water.
(Upper is after the absorption.)

International patent pending and copyrights registrated.
The products of the idea was contracted with Cross Co. in Japan.
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