For measures against heatstroke, such as the construction industry, Coolbit メットカバー CXS

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The function, helmet 防暑, the shade and the 遮熱 cover which get cold! The best for the measure against heatstroke of work under blazing heat!

It is a succeeding article of メットカバー SU and HO-21.

Doesn't the lingering summer heat only become getting tired and resting at the severe spot?
I dip in the newly developed high water absorption fiber inclusion and water, and it is evaporation heat (evaporation absorption fever).
The back of the head gets cold and I am useful for relief of feeling languid by heat also under blazing heat.
How to get tired also for the prevention from fatigue from the summer heat and health is different.


The structure of generating the power (evaporation heat) of natural water effectively is patent acquisition! A full-scale chilling effect is large popularity!

Patent No. 3975453
Refer for display record of intellectual property rights besides a trademark and a design here.


As well as summer, from spring, I apply in summer and autumn and can use, being able to attach to a helmet.
Attachment in a band is free with a clip.

The back of the head gets cold in the construction work under blazing heat for several hours, and I become a measure against heatstroke.

Moreover, I also become a measure against mitigation of fatigue from the summer heat by the long working hours in the inside of heat.

I use ice water of a cooler box.
Usage is increasing rapidly at the spot!

Do you know? On the bottom helmet of blazing heat
I become about 60 degrees.

Intense heat of midsummer not stopping!
Sudden sunstroke The shape of heatstroke!
To labor safety and health care administration in intense heat and the lingering summer heat
or more people of former helmet work
There is a use track record.

Most companies and the visitor of a corporation
By beginning trial It is after 購 partly.
Additional purchase is immediately carried out per place of work.
(Please look at the following buyer's comment)

People that I cannot part with it once it uses between summer.

If it uses got dry, "I will serve both as sweat, り, and keeping warm."
Also those by whom I am used all the year round from winter.

The effect which gets cold is quite obvious! Internal difference in temperature
More than abbreviation-10 ℃

A difference in temperature in case Japanese 射 is equivalent to the back of the head under blazing heat, and the difference in wear have a clear possibility that a big difference will arise in fatigue from the summer heat etc., 1 eye.
ビルダー un-wearing. ビルダー wear I measure by thermostat ビュアー.
In maintenance of the effect which gets cold
One season (about three to four months)
Exchange after の使用
We recommend you.

The high water absorption fiber inside the structure which gets cold
Water absorption performance is the number of times of wash.
About 100 to 120 times
In order to begin to exhaust by a grade

■ Comment of the buyer of coolbit builder series;
- I place an order about two years ago, and am using it with the garden tree still now.
I get cold in summer, suck up the sweat of the back of the head quickly in winter, and find it useful with year-round.
To a newcomer
I placed an order by six-set addition again this time in order to let it use. (Mr. Higashi-Kurume-shi, Tokyo S.K)

- Use by work with an incinerator. I use for water coolbit ビルダー which is hell on the 1st in summer, wetting it repeatedly. I feel that how to get tired from before is different. (Osaka office workers)

- I would like to advance to a master working in a company. In addition, I think that it is good also for a father-in-law using at the time of agricultural work.
(Mr. Oita Ono A.N)

In addition, the buyer's comment are here.

Many inquiries from the method of the Madam to whom a building company worries about the health of the master who works outside under blazing heat from the first are also brought near.
Moreover, I have obtained
introduction to repeat purchase and an acquaintance from many people who used the coolbit.

Coolbit series coolbit メットカバー CXS (the object for helmets, 保水 and a shade cover with an evaporation heat cooling function)
The best for coolbit メットカバー CXS, the measure against heatstroke, and the measure against 防暑.
(Cautions) The hat and the helmet are not contained in goods.

Main part quality of the material
- Front cloth: Polyester polymer 直紡 quantity
- Inside : absorption water fiber inclusion
- Back cloth: Antibacterial deodorization highly efficient fiber

A size and weight
About 260x160x8 mm, 60g

As for this product, number required is to two sheets.
E-mail facilities special delivery dispatch is possible.

However, the case of three or more sheets or cash on delivery
Payment In the case of hope
I become dispatch by a home delivery.
A home delivery mailing cost is required.

メットカバー CXS

Standard price
2,625 yen
Mail order special price
According to 2,400 yen including tax and mailing cost

Coolbit メットカバー CXS 遮熱 type
order is ↓ from from [ here ].

(Limited time offer special price one 2400 yen including tax)

Number required

(Still more profitable two-sheet set 4500 yen including tax)

Number required

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An order by FAX is also possible.
I download FAX order form from here.
An order is also possible by FAX.
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To the measure against heatstroke, it is a coolbi coolbit. Business and goods series for work. Kind Toyotomi.

As the measure against heatstroke
Many track records
From a visitor's voice
I was developed.
It is series.
ビルダーV ビルダーII メットカバー the cold -- a sash Cool best


Van Taine Cold towel Cool CAP I click a picture.
To each page

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